A fully disposable piercing experience 

Any service you receive at Endless Summer Tattoo is performed using top of the line, single use, sterilized supplies.  Every piercing client is shown an indicator strip proving their sterilization cycle was successful before a piercing is ever performed. Nothing is ever used more than once to ensure our clients health and safety. 


Piercing Aftercare

Initial Piercing Jewelry 

All body jewelry is not created equal. Every piece of jewelry used in initial piercings at Endless Summer is made of solid implant grade materials. Each one is crafted threadless or internally threaded and meets the Association of Professional Piercer's standards for initial piercings.  All of the jewelry brands found in studio provide mill certifications verifying the materials of the jewelry as implant grade, include manufacture warranties on products, and they all manufacture jewelry here in America. We also proudly stock Alchemy adornment from our friends in Canada. 

There are endless amounts of jewelry options in store. 14 kt Gold, Niobium, Titanium, and Glass can always be found in our handpicked jewelry selection. 
In store are options for initial and healed piercings, stretched ears, and standard sized earrings.

Every piece of jewelry is a different price. If you'd like information about a specific piece simply fill out the contact form bellow. Feel free to include any links or reference photos for specific inquiries or view the online store to see pricing.

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Want to talk about ordering custom jewelry?

For answers on pricing and information about ordering stylized sets, just ask. 

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