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Safe Piercing Procedures, Comfortable Jewelry for longterm wear.

Children's Ear Piercing

It's been proven that "piercing guns" cause direct tissue damage. These guns can NEVER be properly sterilized and risk exposing your child to blood and body fluids from the clients before them. In addition to the health and safety hazards the gun creates, the jewelry that comes from these guns is not made of implant grade materials. It is not safe for longterm implantation in the human body nor is it comfortable to wear. If you don't believe me yet or would like more information on this subject please click here With that being said, you won’t find any piercing guns at endless summer.

Endless Summer tattoo is a fully disposable studio. This means that tools and equipment are never used more than once. The jewelry we use will be brand new. Everything is single use and sterilized prior to the service and disposed of directly after. Every client is shown an indicator strip that is run in the Statim with the jewelry, showing the sterilization was successful. 

Anyone over the age 5 is welcome to get pierced at our studio. We believe that getting a piercing is a personal choice and the client receiving a piercing should be able to give written and verbal consent. We will not pierce people that cannot give consent and babies fall into this category. If you still want to pierce a baby we implore you to do some internet research and reconsider. Once your child is old enough to make this decision the experience is so much more valuable and memorable for the parent and child.

A Children's Earlobe Piercing Consultation is highly recommended before the piercing appointment. This is not required but based on our experience it makes everyone more comfortable. The consultation is free and allows us to meet each other, establish trust, and go over all of the information clients should know beforehand. During this time we will walk you through the piercing and sterilization process, answer any questions, and together we will find the perfect safe jewelry for your child's first piercing. 

The State of Florida requires a Notarized parental consent form before performing any piercing on a minor. You can find more information and print this document from my forms section. In the same area you can also find printable aftercare brochures I encourage everyone to review. 

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Every piercing client leaves Endless Summer with a Fine Mist Isotonic Saline Spray and aftercare instructions. Printable Aftercare Brochures are listed below.
For more information on a healing piercing please book a follow up appointment to be seen in person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to get a piercing?

Standard piercings start at $45 and include aftercare. Jewelry is sold separately.

  • Can I bring my own jewelry?

In the nicest way possible, No. The jewelry you are pierced with in studio must meet the Association of Professional Piercer's standards for initial jewelry. In order to ensure a properly healing piercing we need to be positive the jewelry is safe for longterm wear in the body. All of our initial jewelry is implant grade and has Mill Certifications verifying that it isn't a mystery metal. We don't sell any "surgical" or "stainless" steel because both of those materials are not safe to wear and absolutely contain nickel, think of a stainless steel toaster oven if anyone tries to sell you on the surgical steel fake news.

Browse our selection of jewelry made of implant grade titanium, niobium, glass, or 18k gold and leave knowing exactly what you just purchased.

  • How old do you need to be to get a piercing?

18 and up with a valid photo ID. If you are under the age of 18 you may get pierced if you have the notarized parental consent form required. More information on Minor Piercings and Form Requirements can be found here. 

  • Do I have to have an appointment?

An appointment is not required to get pierced; however, in order to make the most of your time we strongly recommend setting an appointment.

  • Who can I bring with me?

While receiving the piercing you may bring one person back into the service area. Anyone else along for the fun will need to wait in the lobby. 
We cannot have children in the service area unless they are are getting a piercing. 

  • How long will my piercing take?

Standard Piercings take around 30 minutes.  This time slot includes paperwork, jewelry selection, and the service. 
When you book an appointment the expected times are listed by the type of service selected.



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